Configuring a landing page

A landing-page or changelog-page is a website for a changelog. It is a simple way to make a changelog accessible to everyone.

Changelog-pages are set up automatically. However you should configure them to fit your brand and look better.

Landing page


Landing pages are highly customizable to perfectly fit your brand.

To customize a landing page, open the dashboard > select a project > click the site button in the sidebar on the left.

What can be changed

  • The name of your changelog
  • A title and description
  • A small logo, a bigger logo and optionally, a banner
  • The domain of your changelog, which looks like this: {name}
  • A theme-color
  • You can also make your landing-page private

When you click the save button, your landing-page updates instantly.

In sync

Landing-pages are always in sync with your release.

Which releases will not be listed on landing-pages

  • Draft releases
  • Releases with release dates in the future


Using the widget.

How to display a changelog on your own website.

Using the sidebar.

How to display a changelog-sidebar on your own website.