Using the sidebar

Just like the widget, the sidebar can be used to display a changelog on your very own website.

However, the bar must be toggled programmatically, so it is recommended to use it in more advanced environments.


Before getting started you need an integration key and a project id, which you can get by:

  1. Opening the dashboard
  2. Selecting a workspace and a project
  3. Clicking on integration in the sidebar on the left
  4. Copy the ID from the overview panel
  5. Switch to the integration keys panel
  6. Create a new integration key
  7. Copy the integration key

Using the SDK

// index.html
    <button class="toggle">Toggle changelog sidebar</button>

    <!-- Client SDK -->
    <script src=""></script>

    <!-- Your javascript file -->
    <script async defer src="/script.js"></script>

In your html-file you should include our client SDK and your own js-file.

// script.js
let sb = new sidebar({
  // The ID of your project
  id: 'Y1k_C5lZ',

  // The integration key of your project
  key: 'IK-X2zvTYjp-NCg-3q2Rj',

let toggle = document.querySelector('.toggle');

// Toggle the sidebar when the `toggle`-button is clicked
toggle.addEventListener('click', () => {


A webbrowser containing a button and a changelog sidebar


Using the widget.

How to display a changelog on your own website.