Making changelogs easy and accessible.

It's Changes' mission to make changelogs easy, beautiful and accessible to everyone.

Why does Changes exist.

In software development, it has been a standard practice for many years to keep changelogs, either explicitly (eg. using a changelog.md file) or implicitly (using commit messages).

Those changelogs are locked up in private systems and end-users have no access to them. We want to change that by making changelogs and product-updates publicly accessible.

But nobody is going to use a complicated or badly designed tool to keep a public changelog, so I decided to build Changes, to solve all the problems that I had with other tools.

About the maker.

Hi there! My name is Tobias.
I am an engineering student from Austria and I like to spend my free time developing software tools.

If you want to learn more about me or have a chat feel free to check out my Twitter or Github profiles.

Can I give you feedback?

Yeah! I'd love to get feedback from you!

You can use our Feedback form or contact me on Twitter.