The all in one changelog solution.

Keep users in the loop about product updates with a beautiful, modern changelog that grows with you.

Landing pages

Create a beautiful landing page for your changelog.

Landing pages provide a beautiful interface for your changelog. Your landing page is fully customizable to perfectly fit your brand. You control what users see. So, nobody will know about that secret thing you are working on.

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A screenshot of a changes landing page


Manage your releases.

Collaborate with your whole team to compile releases, customize landing pages and integrate our client SDKs.

  • Easy to use - even for less tech-savvy members of your team.
  • A unified management experience.
  • Collaborate with as many team members as you like.
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A screenshot showing the changes dashboard


Display a changelog on your own website.

A changelog can be embedded into any website using our open-source client libraries.

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A screenshot of the changelog widget linked to a button